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  • Sale! Christian Apologetics 101 Bundle

    Christian Apologetics 101


    800+ Slides • 30 Video Sessions • 27 Topics

    Dr. Douglas Groothuis is Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary. This class covers arguments for the Christian worldview while critiquing non-Christian accounts of reality.

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    Scholars Slide Package

    $900.00 $400.00

    Every slide package on the Credo Course site! 1000s of presentation slides.

    Sold separately, over $1000

    See below for list of presentations.

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    Credo Course Apologetics Bundle – Digital Download

    $1,000.00 $99.00
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    The Theology Program Bundle – Digital Download

    $1,200.00 $99.00
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    The Theology Program DVDs and Workbook Set

    $1,950.00 $799.00
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  • Christian Philosophy of Religion with Paul Copan


    Join renowned Christian scholar Paul Copan as he leads us through five sessions, teaching us how to THINK “Christianly.”

    1. The Christian Metanarrative
    2. The Attributes of God
    3. Creation
    4. The Fall
    5. Redemption and Recreation

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  • Homiletics

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  • Credo Course Boot Camp Bundle – Digital Video Download

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  • Credo Course Boot Camp Bundle – DVDs

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  • World Religions Boot Camp

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  • The Historical Jesus

    The Historical Jesus


    28 Sessions

    Dr. Darrell Bock is the author of over 20 books including Breaking the Da Vinci Code, Jesus in Context, and Studying the Historical Jesus. Learn what we can know about Jesus from history.

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  • Old Testament Theology by Dr. Tremper Longman III

    Old Testament Theology (Audio)


    30 Audio Sessions

    Dr. Tremper Longman is the author of over 10 books. This course provides an overview of the Old Testament from a theological perspective addressing discrepancies, themes, and controversies.

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