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Welcome to Credo Courses. We’re devoted to providing the best in Christian education. Our mission is to make accessible the top scholars in the world, teaching on the greatest subjects in the world. Though wide and varied in many respects, all the professors we hire to teach a Credo Course truly believe in what they are teaching and are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Credo Courses is not Calvinist or Arminian, Amillennial or Premillennial, Young-Earth or Old-Earth. Our goal is to get the best scholars teaching from different perspectives. You will see this as the library continues to build.

Imagine learning textual criticism from Dr. Daniel Wallace or taking a course on the resurrection from Dr. Gary Habermas. You may not be able to go to seminary due to time and finances, but now you can watch and listen to the same quality of teaching wherever you are. This is what Credo Courses is all about.

You can go at your own pace. You can have your workbook beside you accomplishing all that it asks, or you can just listen to it while on the treadmill. It’s up to you!

Our courses are accessible to students (high-school and above), individuals, study groups, and university classrooms alike.

Usually a university/seminary level education costs tens-of-thousands of dollars and takes years to complete. Credo Courses offer the same level of scholarship for a fraction of the price.

Terms and Conditions concerning our material.

Meet the Man Behind Credo Courses

Michael Patton PortraitC. Michael Patton
Founder and Teacher

Christopher Michael Patton holds a Master of Theology degree in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary as well and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from the University of Biblical Studies and Seminary in Bethany, OK.

While serving under Chuck Swindoll for six years at Stonebriar Community Church, Michael created The Theology Program. Since then he’s developed The Discipleship Program, Bible Boot Camps, and many more educational books and courses, including his books, Increase My Faith (Credo) and Now That I’m a Christian (Crossway).

Michael is the president and founder of Reclaiming The Mind/Credo House Ministries(endorsed by scholars such as Dr. JP Moreland, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, and Dr. Paul Copan). Michael is also the host of Theology Unplugged (an internet radio broadcast) and the author of the successful blog, The Parchment and Pen.

Michael has a deep love of theology and a desire to make it more accessible.

He lives in Oklahoma with his wife Kristie and their four children Katelynn, Kylee, Will, and Zach.

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