Apologetics Boot Camp


Author: C. Michael Patton Teachers: C. Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley A four step approach to defending Christianity, focusing only on the essentials of the faith. A great course for any small group or Sunday school class. One of the most compelling and strongest defenses of Christianity you will ever find.


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A compelling defense of Christianity created by theologian C. Michael Patton. This course provides a unique approach to defending Christianity which will strengthen the faith of believers and give unbelievers a serious pause as they see the rationality of Christianity.

Apologetics Boot Camp

1. The Existence of God
2. The Reliability of Scripture
3. The Resurrection of Christ
4. The Deity of Christ

The Existence of God (Part 1 of 4) from Credo House on Vimeo.

The PowerPoint and Keynote slide decks contain over 180 slides that are illustrative and full of teacher’s notes to help with further study but primarily help in teaching this course to others.

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