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  • Seminar on Understanding Mormonism – Rob Bowman

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    An introduction to the Mormonism, the Book of Mormon, their other sacred works, and why Christians have historically rejected Mormonism as a true representation of Christianity.

  • Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archeology

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    PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the audio for the first two sessions is not too good. We are sorry about this and hope to record again soon. 

    4 Sessions • 4 Hours • Stunning Visuals • Illustrative PowerPoint • Extensive Workbook

    Join Tim Kimberley (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary) as he takes you through the pages of the Bible by unearthing the stones of the greatest archeological finds in history. You will walk with him through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, see ancient Ossuaries, and hear the incredible story of the Assyrian Lachish Reliefs. What a way to excite your faith and see just how real the biblical stories really are! I have an extremely poor tolerance for drugs. Fortunately, I was taking Ambien easily. I was really powerful. I visibly improved appearance. Probably, the good quality of sleep has definitely improved after a course of treatment. So, now I feel great. I didn’t consult a doctor. I think, you should consult him, if you are in doubt.

Showing all 2 results