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  • 6 Views of Creation

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    C Michael Patton

    Get a balanced look at the various views in theology of the relationship between science and the Bible when it comes to the creation of the world.

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    The Existence of the Soul – J. P. Moreland

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    How do we know we have a soul? Is there evidence outside the Bible in science and philosophy? You would be surprised how much!

    Evangelical Christian author, scholar, apologist, and philosopher, Dr J. P. Moreland talks about the nature and existence of consciousness and the soul. Dr. Moreland has been defending the Christian faith to secularists and atheists for decades now.

    There is no one better to talk to about this subject. Don’t miss out!

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    The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection of Christ by 6 Scholars

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    Bock, Licona, Habermas and more. Some of the best biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians, and apologists of the Christian faith come together to defend the most important event in all of history. 

    6 Different Scholars

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  • The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus


    A wonderful introduction to the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus. Great for any church program or small group Bible study. Use the Top Ten Myths videos to promote or tease the series.

  • Unplugged with Dan Wallace

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    This is Dr. Danliel B. Wallace talking about the state of the text of the New Testament. Also, we have provided our Converse with Scholars with Dr. Wallace. While the audio and video of the Converse with Scholars product are not up to Credo Course standard, the content certainly is.

    Get the entire course here.

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    Science and the Bible – Notes and Outlines (pdf)

  • Top Ten Myths About the Resurrection of Jesus


    Watch as Dr. Michael Licona gives a short description of the ten most common myths when it comes to studying the resurrection of Jesus. Let these serve as teasers for the complete video series The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.


    Myth 10 – The Lost Gospels
    Myth 9 – There is Not Enough Evidence
    Myth 8 – Science Proves Resurrections Cannot Occur
    Myth 7 – It Was Merely Legend
    Myth 6 – Apparent Death Theory
    Myth 5 – It’s a Matter of Faith
    Myth 4 – Hallucinations
    Myth 3 – The Fraud Theory
    Myth 2 – Pagan Parallels in Mystery Religions
    Myth 1 – Contradictions in the Gospels

Showing all 7 results