How to Study the Bible Boot Camp


Author: C Michael Patton

Teachers: C Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley

Duration: 4 lessons, 45 minutes each

Perfect for small groups or Sunday School lessons



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How to Study the Bible Boot Camp

This course provides you four basic skills to improve your approach to bible study. C Michael Patton follows the authorial intent hermeneutic. This basically means that we want to understand the text as the original audience understood the text. There is a three step process to understanding the Scripture: 1. What did the text mean in ancient times, 2. what does the text mean for all time, 3. how does the text apply to us.

    1. The Interpretive Process
    2. Bridging the Historical Gap
    3. Bridging the Literary Gap
    4. Bridging the Contextual Gap

Bible Boot Camp: How to Study the Bible – Session 1 from Credo House on Vimeo.

The Workbook

The beautiful workbook for How to Study the Bible. You can use this workbook for self-directed study and in study groups or classrooms where assessment regarding material comprehension is needed. The PDF version of this workbook is fully searchable so you can quickly find the material you’re looking for.

  • 39-Pages
  • Challenging “Field Ops” exercises
  • Searchable
  • Printable

The Slide Deck (PowerPoint and Keynote)

Get the full PowerPoint and Keynote slide decks (143 slides) that were used in teaching this class.

These slide decks are perfect for small groups or classroom type settings. Teach the same course C. Michael Patton taught using the exact same slides we used to create this course.



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