The Historical Jesus – Darrel Bock


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Dr. Darrell Bock is the author of over 20 books including Breaking the Da Vinci Code, Jesus in Context, and Studying the Historical Jesus. Learn what we can know about Jesus from history.



The Historical Jesus

Could you prove that Jesus existed without using the Bible? Can you name three non-christian ancient authors who mention Jesus?

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Christian study the Bible. Historians study history. Or so the story goes. Dr. Darrell Bock quickly puts this myth to rest in the very first lecture of this course.


Believers often feel like they’re gripping the edges of their faith like a rock climber. In this course you’ll learn just how reliable the Biblical picture of Jesus is. You won’t feel like you’re clinging anymore. By the end you’ll feel a renewed confidence. There’s no need to cower from skeptics.

Secularists try to pull Christianity into a neutral discussion of the facts. But the Christians keep winning so the secularists pull harder. Mix biased skepticism with a little time and you get denial. It’s like baking a cake.


  1. Non-Christian Sources and Historical Jesus Studies
  2. Three Quests for the Historical Jesus
  3. Three Models for Historical Jesus Studies
  4. Seven Criteria of Authenticity and the Burden of Proof
  5. Early Transmission of Jesus’ History
  6. Three Models of Orality in Historical Jesus Studies
  7. Sources and Their Critical Use in Historical Jesus Discussions
  8. The Nature of Second Temple Judaism in the Time of Jesus
  9. The Characteristic Jesus and the Ancient Bíos Genre
  10. The Infancy Material: Census, Virgin Birth, and John the Baptist
  11. The Ministry of John the Baptist
  12. The Kingdom of God and How it Works
  13. Translating Jesus: From the Gospels to Paul
  14. Second Temple Judaism and the Intensification of the Torah
  15. The Twelve Disciples and Jesus’ Relationship to Sinners
  16. Miracles and Exorcisms of Jesus
  17. The Messianic Secret of Jesus
  18. Jesus’ Intended Audiences
  19. The Demands of Being a Disciple of Jesus
  20. An Overview of the Final Week of Jesus’ Life
  21. How Jesus Saw Himself: Titles and Self Reference
  22. The Un-Triumphal Entry of Jesus
  23. The Cleansing of the Temple
  24. Controversies During Jesus’ Final Week
  25. The Last Supper
  26. The Jewish Examination of Jesus
  27. Jesus Before Pilate
  28. The Resurrection of Jesus

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