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  • John Ryland’s Papyrus – P52 Facsimile

    Sale! $149.00

    The earliest extant fragment of the New Testament. This is a facsimile, perfectly reproduced by hand on real papyri made in Egypt.

    Show off your understanding of Biblical history and the integrity of the New Testament text. Use this to witness to friends, family, and those who show up at your door.

  • Bodmer Papyri – P66 Facsimile

    Sale! $150.00

    One of the earliest and most complete extant manuscripts of John.

    This is a facsimile of the first page created on genuine Egyptian papyri.

    It is in a beautiful frame that allows the viewing of the front and back (retro and verso).

    Perfect when defending the deity of Christ as this manuscript’s first word are “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

    8X10 frame. Set on a flat surface or hang on the wall.

Showing all 3 results