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Mining for God by Brandon McGuire (Review)

Mining for God

Mining for God is one of a new breed of Christian films. This hybrid genre has a retro, even hipster, feel. They’re edited for punchy-ness and made by small, independent, studios or teams. They may even be crowd funded, like this one. I fight insomnia for 10 years. Maybe someone says that I am dependent on medications, but I must disagree. I used a bunch of different preparations, and only Ambien from produced the desired effect. If you must make preparations to put you to sleep, so why not use something that really works. My regular dose is 5 mg before going to bed.

Mining for God

Here’s how the film describes itself:

This film will investigate the different ideas within American culture that have shaped the way we think and distorted our understanding of who God is. This film will bring back to the surface the story about man and about God that we were born to understand.

These new kinds of films focus on apologetic issues:

  • The existence of God
  • Abortion
  • Health Care
  • The Historicity of the Bible

Mining for God Timeline

Mining for God is a 63-minute trek with a who’s-who of apologists at the center. I recognized most of them but resorted to Google a few times. Here’s a complete list of the named interviewees:

  • Lee Strobel
  • William Lane Craig
  • Gary Habermas
  • Jim Warner Wallace
  • Mike Licona
  • John Stonestreet
  • Paul Copan
  • Mary Jo Sharp
  • Nabeel Qureshi
  • Curtis Bowers
  • Alan Shlemon
  • Donald Williams
  • Michael Sherrard
  • Craig Hazen
  • Mark Mittelberg
  • Grant Lewis
  • Darren Davis
  • Gerald Wright
  • Connor Dealy

Mining for God pretends to use questions to move the film forward. But they seem more planted than genuine. It would be like watching a Ray Comfort video where the man-on-the-street is a plant. He gives all the right answers and objections so that Ray can work his script.

00:00:00–00:04:15Mining for God starts with a montage of people talking about Christianity and how it’s viewed in culture.

00:04:16–00:11:16 — The voice over by Brandon McGuire begins. We’re shown a bunch of man-on-the-street interviews. The first question, “How is Christianity viewed in America?” or more simply, “What is Christianity?” The potpourri of answers forces us to take a deeper look at what Christianity is. Contradictory answers about God and Christianity can’t both be true so we need to take a closer look.

I can identify with the confusion Brandon encountered about Christianity. Years ago I had to survey our community to learn what people believed about ethics, God, the after life, etc. Most of the folks said they were Christian. But when I asked them how they know what’s right and wrong they didn’t appeal to God or the Bible. They cited culture, conscience, and the government.

00:11:17–00:19:10 — Here the film takes a hard turn from cultural questions into apologetics. Brandon used Twitter to learn why there’s so much confusion about Christianity. What he learned forms the first apologetic issue the film addresses: naturalism.

Definition of Naturalism from Mining for God
Definition of Naturalism from Mining for God

One of the best quotes of the film comes from John Stonestreet in this segment. He say, “We’re not animals and we’re not Gods. We’re made in the image of God and we act like animals.”

[Tweet “We’re not animals and we’re not Gods. We’re made in the image of God and we act like animals.”]

00:19:11–00:23:00 — A video from (the ministry of William Lane Craig) is played. I’m not sure how it’s related to naturalism except as a veneer to present the cosmological argument. Having shown that there must be a cause for the existence of the universe we’re ready to discuss what that cause might be.

00:23:00–00:24:59 — We’re given just under two-minutes on personhood, intelligent design, and information theory. Because of certain features of the universe, we’re supposed to conclude that the cause of the universe must be a person.

00:25:00–00:33:37 — We zoom out from naturalism to look at relativism. There’s also a lead-in to the next big question, pluralism.

Definition of Relativism from Mining for God

00:33:38–00:44:05 — How do the different world religions account for pain, suffering, and sin?

This segment starts off with Nabeel Qureshi and William Lane Craig talking about how a person can get right with God. It’s a bait and switch. If I was a skeptic bothered by the problem of evil I’d feel like my question wasn’t being answered if someone started talking about my personal sin instead. This segment goes full-on gospel. It’s clear that this part of the film is meant more to convince unbelieving viewers than to explain the gospel to Christians.

I do take issue with Donald Williams’ description of the gospel story. He tells it this way,

But think about it. You’ve got you’re damsel in distress, the human race. You’ve got your basic villain, Satan. You’ve got your basic epic hero, Jesus. Hero goes on epic quest, at great personal sacrifice, rescues damsel in distress from villain. They ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Jesus death on the cross saves us from the penalty of our sins. It satisfies the righteousness and justice of God. It doesn’t save us from Satan. Yes, Satan is our enemy. But Satan doesn’t send us to hell, God does.

00:44:06–00:59:40 — Having established what the gospel is, the film then asks if the story about Jesus is true or not. The order is odd. A lot of thought goes into deciding how to arrange the content of a film so I’ll presume Brandon had a good reason.

00:59:41–01:01:31 — Now that we’re at the end of the film McGuire starts drawing conclusions. Visually we’re also brought full circle as well. McGuire shows us more footage from his trip to Africa. He seems to be saying that the difference in the Christianity in Africa and America has to do with how we view Christ and what he did for us.

Mining for God: Constructive Criticism

Video Issues

There’s some really nice b-roll in this film. By “nice” I mean that it helps illustrate the point. For example, when talking about unbelievers imprisoned by sin we see a prisoner using a piece of chalk to mark off time in his cell. But some b-roll seems out of place or generic. I thought some of it looked stock and the credits confirmed this.

The footage of Jim Warner Wallace seems to be slightly out of focus.

There’s an odd lack of narration from 00:44:23–00:44:34. Perhaps there were similar gaps elsewhere but I didn’t notice them.

Audio Issues

The audio is inconsistent. In particular the interview with Gary Habermas has problems. I’ve had to work with problematic audio myself so I can sympathize. It stands out because the rest of the audio is solid.


Mining for God is a good film. You can buy it here. If you’re not familiar with apologetics this film is for you. If you’ve read an apologetic book or two, watched a few lectures, or attended an apologetic conference you can skip it.

Brandon will get better with time. In fact, even over the course of making Mining for God Brandon got better. In an interview with the folks at, Brandon explained his growth this way:

By the end of production, things came much easier. I was able to see out through a larger window into the world, and to recognize, almost immediately, the ideologies influencing the person across from me. Mining for God has been a highly educational experience for me, both from a story telling perspective, and an apologetics perspective.

I look forward to Brandon’s next project. I hope their work shows other Christian filmmakers that we can do better than cartoonish presentations of Bible stories.

Disclaimer: Brandon McGuire sent me free copy of the movie for review. No consideration or incentive was given or promised in exchange for this review.

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The Ultimate List of Christian Apologetics Podcasts

List of Christian Apologetics Podcasts

The Ultimate List of Christian Apologetics Podcasts

(Updated 2016-06-11)

I’m missing a link to the content for The Narrow Mind. If anyone knows of links to the actual content (XML Feeds, iTunes Link, etc.), please let me know in the comments.
I did not observe any side effects. My course was two weeks, I did not take a longer time to take, I went back to another sedative before going to bed. On my request to advise me a sedative with a hypnotic effect, on they have offered me a preparation Ambien. I started to take these pills for one tablet 35 minutes before bedtime, and quickly fell asleep afterwards, see about ambient The transition took place without problems. Recently, because of the tense situation at work. I was very nervous, I did not sleep well at night.


59-Second Apologist, The – Randal Rauser


A Clear Lens – Alex Aili, Eric Pelletier, Logan Judy, Nate Sala, and Gene Gosewehr
A Glimpse of the Kingdom – David Pendergrass
A Piece of My Mind – Greg Koukl
Absolute Truth, The (Discontinued) – Unknown
African Apologetics Podcast (Discontinued) – The Africa Centre for Apologetics Research
Answers in Genesis Radio – Ken Ham
Apologetic Front –  Mike Felker
Apologetics 101 – Rob Cartledge
buy ativan online lorazepam
Apologetics 105 – Robert Johnson
Apologetics 315 – Brian Auten
Apologetics Camp (Discontinued) – Hopevale Church
Apologetics Canada – Andy Steiger, Jon and Steve Kim

Apologia (Discontinued) – Zachary Moore
Apologia Radio – Jeff Durbin, Luke, Joy
Apologetics Coordination Team Podcast (Discontinued)
Apologetics Live (Discontinued)
Apologetics Research Radio
Apologetics Unplugged – Clint Roberts, Michael Patton, Carrie Hunter Radio Show – Harry Edwards


Backpack Radio (See Urban Theologian Radio)
Belivin for a Reason (Discontinued) – Daniel Edward
Bible Answer Man, The
– Hank Hanegraaff
Bible Information Brokers, The – Unknown
Bible Thumping Wingnut, The (Old Version of the Podcast) – Tim and Len Pettis
Bible Study Podcasts – Clean Slate Evangelical Ministries
Biblical Pressupositional Apologetics (Limited Run) – Michael Butler (Added 2016/06/11)
Bigger Picture on Creation, The (Limited Run) –  Krista Bontrager
BJJMOSES – Gene Cook
BreakPoint This Week – John Stonestreet
Briefing, The – R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Bulletproof – Brett Kunkle


Calvinist Batman & Friends
CARM Radio Show Podcast
– Matt Slick
Terry and Jesse Show, The (Catholic) – Terry and Jesse
Cell’s Design, The (Limited Run)
Christ the Center – Jeff Waddington, Jim Cassidy, and Camden Bucey
Christian Apologetics for the 21st Century (Discontinued) – Jeff Marmaro
Christian Apologetics (Discontinued) – Windmill Ministries
Christian Forum, The (Discontinued) – Unknown
Christian Persuaders – Alex Banfield Hicks
Christian Worldview Thinking – Summit Ministries
Christianity vs Other Worldview (Discontinued) – Don Johnson
City Podcast, The – John Mark Reynolds
Coffee Cup Apologetics – Michael Spencer
Cold-Case Christianity Podcast, The – J. Warner Wallace
Come Let Us Reason – Lenny Esposito
Comfort Zone, The (Discontinued) – Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne and Mark Spence
Contenders Radio, The – Kevin Inman
Coram Deo – Kyle J. Howard
Creation Today
Creation Update 2.0 (Discontinued)
Cross Defense – KFUO
Cross Encounters – Tony Miano
Cross Examined – Frank Turek
CSRA Christian Apologetics – Timothy and James


Darwin or Design (Discontinued) – Dr. Tom Woodward
Decker Report, The
– Ed Decker
Deeper Waters Podcast – Nick Peters
Defend Your Faith – Richard Haas and Joseph Carlone
– Dr. William Lane Craig
Delivered To The Saints: Truth, Christianity, Apologetics – L Russ Bush (This podcast seems to be more theology than apologetics.)
Did God Actually Say (Discontinued) – Theo Meade
Dividing Line, The – Dr. James White
Don Johnson Show, The (Discontinued) – Don Johnson


Eavesdropping – Max Andrews
Embrace the Truth – Abdu Murray
Energion (Discontinued) – Henry Neufeld
Everyday Apologetics – Wes Mullins
Evidence 4 Faith (Discontinued) – Keith Kendrex
Ezra Institute, The – Joe Boot


Fighting for the Faith – Chris Rosebrough
Fire Away! – Landon Chapman
Fixed Point Podcast, The – Larry Taunton


Gary DeMar Show, The (Link Not Located) – Gary DeMar
GenRef – Austin Brown
Gospel Coalition, The – Various
Gospel Focused Apologetics (Discontinued) – Berean Perspective
GROK Radio – Frequently covers issues related to apologetics but focuses on the topic of modern Christian music.


Hope’s Reason – Stephen J. Bedard
Hughniverse (Subscription Required) – Hugh Hewitt


I Didn’t Know That (Discontinued) – Reasons To Believe Staff
ID the Future – Discovery Institute
Impact 360 Institute – Jonathan Morrow
Institute of Biblical Defense – Phil Fernandes
Intelligent Design The Future – The Discovery Institute
Intelligent Faith Radio Program (Discontinued)
Intelligent Interactions Radio (Discontinued)
Iron Sharpens Iron (Relaunch 2015/06/01) – Chris Arnzen
Is Christianity True? – Apologetics 315
Issues, Etc. – Lutheran Public Radio


Janet Mefferd Show, The – Janet Mefferd
John Ankerberg Show, The – Dr. John Ankerberg
JoshRadio (Discontinued) – Josh McDowell
Jude 3 Project – Unknown
Just Think (Link Not Located) – Brett Kunkle
Just Thinking – Ravi Zacharias


Let My People Think – Ravi Zacharias
Line of Fire Radio – Dr. Michael Brown
Live Christianly – Dan and Elijiah
Logical Apologetics (Discontinued) – Joel Mabry
Logical Fallacies (Series 1, Series 2)


Moral Apologetics – Various
More Than a Theory
(Limited Run)
Mortification of Spin – Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, Aimee Byrd (Added 2016/06/11)


Narrow Mind, The (Link Not Located) – Gene Cook Jr.
No Compromise Radio Podcast – Mike Abendroth


One Minute Apologist, The – Bobby Conway


Peter S Williams (Self Titled AKA The Damaris Project)
Philosophy for Theologians – Reformed Forum
Please Convince Me (See Cold-Case Christianity) – J. Warner Wallace
Point, The – John Stonestreet
Probe Ministries – Kerby Anderson
Provocative Microphone of the Christian Religion, The (Link Not Located)


Ouxano –  Matt Tague
Question Christianity
(Discontinued) – Matt Walker


RCM Live (Discontinued) – Sam and Jason
Real Radio (Discontinued) – Jack Hibbs
Reasonable Faith
– William Lane Craig
Reasons to Believe Apologia – Dr Hugh Ross, Dr. Fazale Rana, Dr. Jeff Zweerink
Reconnect – Andy Wrasman
Reformed and Reloaded – Adam and Zeb
Reformed Forum Podcasts – Reformed Forum
Reformed Pubcast, The – Les and Tanner
Remnant X Radio – Various
Renewing Your Mind – Dr. RC Sproul


Say Hello to My Little Friend (Discontinued) – Dr. Glenn Peoples
Science News Flash (Discontinued)
Sin Boldly – Pastor Evan McClanahan on KPFT 90.1 FM (Added 2016/06/08)
Skeptical Podcast, The – Kyle
Solid Reasons Morning Show, The
Sound Reasoning – Perseus Poku and Guests
Straight Thinking (Discontinued) – Kenneth Samples
Stand to Reason (Enhanced [Discontinued]) – Greg Koukl


Table Podcast, The – Dallas Theological Seminary
Taking Every Thought Captive (Discontinued) – Dustin Crider
TC Apologetics (Unknown) – Unknown
Telugu Christian Apologetics Church (Unknown) – Unknown
Tentative Apologist, The – Randal Rauser
The Apologetic Front Podcast (Discontinued) – Mike Felker
The Point Radio – John Stonestreet
Theology League, The
Theology Matters – Dr. Barcellos
Theology Mom (Discontinued) – Krista Bontrager
Theology Unplugged – Michael Patton, Sam Storms, JJ Seid, Tim Kimberley
Theopologetics – Chris Date
Thinking Christianly
Thinking in Public – R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Thinking Out Loud – Alan Shlemon
Truth Talk (Discontinued) – Unknown
Twisted Apologetics (Discontinued) – Ryan Goding


Unapologetic – Brian Seagraves
– Justin Brierley and Guests
Uncovering Religion – Rob Cartledge
Up for Debate – Julie Roys
Urban Theologian Radio (Formerly Backpack Radio) – Vermon Pierre, Pastor Bob, and Vocab Malone


Veritas Forum, The (Link Not Located) – Various
Voice of Truth (Discontinued) – Norman Geisler


Walter Martin
White Horse Inn
– Dr. Michael Horton
Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (Limited Run)
Without a Doubt (Limited Run)


Youth Apologetics Training – Michael Boehm

If you know of a podcast I missed (even if it was a limited run podcast, is discontinued, or you can’t get all the episodes online anymore) please buyvalium diazepam let me know. I’d like this list to remain as complete as possible.