Is the Original New Testament Lost

Is the Original New Testament Lost? Ehrman vs Wallace (Debate Transcript)

Is the Original New Testament Lost? What: A Debate Thesis/Resolution: Is the Original New Testament Lost? Who: Dr. Bart Ehrman, Dr. Dan Wallace Where: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Memorial Hall Performing Arts Theater When: February 1st, 2012 Dr. Ehrman’s Opening Argument Well thank you very much. Thank you Miles for organizing this event […]

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The Transcendental Argument - A Common Misunderstanding

Is the Transcendental Argument Fair?

In our ever more secular world, arguments for the existence of God are always vital. Christians are called to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us. In a culture that has tried to forget God, that reason begins with simple truth: “God exists!” Our heritage is rich with proofs […]

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Crazy Street Preacher

The Crazy Street Preacher (Don’t Be That Guy)

There’s nothing wrong with street preaching. In fact, it does a lot of good. But today street preachers have a bad name. Sometimes it’s justified and sometimes not. I’ll grant that all of the pop-culture depictions of Christians and Christianity that I’ve seen are wildly inaccurate. And a short clip on YouTube that shows a street preacher acting […]

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Mother Teresa

Christian Truth Seekers, Myth Busters, and Trolls

Mother Teresa was a horrible person. Mother Teresa was a wonderful person. Which statement you believe is important. We should want to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible. But it’s also important why you believe something. Christianity puts a premium on truth. A friend posted a link to Tim Challies’ The Myth […]

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Mining for God

Mining for God by Brandon McGuire (Review)

Mining for God is one of a new breed of Christian films. This hybrid genre has a retro, even hipster, feel. They’re edited for punchy-ness and made by small, independent, studios or teams. They may even be crowd funded, like this one. Here’s how the film describes itself: This film will investigate the different ideas […]

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The Ad Hominem Logical Fallacy

The Ad Hominem Fallacy (3 Flavors) and Ridicule in the Bible

The ad hominem fallacy is common and commonly misunderstood. Logical fallacies fall into two camps: formal and informal. Formal fallacies are so severe that they render an argument useless. Informal fallacies merely weaken an argument. [Suggested Reading: The Straw Man Fallacy and the Nature of God] The ad hominem fallacy is an informal logical fallacy. If you’d […]

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