Why I Am/Not a Charismatic


The Great Charismatic Debate

Have the certain gifts of the Spirit ceased due to exhaustion of purpose? Does God still gift people with tongues, healing, prophecy and the like? Find out in this 17 part debate.

Sam Storms (Charismatic) and C. Michael Patton (Cessationist) provide a passionate, lively, peaceable discussion/debate. They are long time friends and have talked about this for years. These two scholars disagree about the continuation of the “charismatic gifts” of the Spirit, and, in doing so, help us to understand the differences.

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Did the gift of tongues cease in the first centuries of the church or does God intend it to be part of the church today? What about the gifts of prophecy, healings, and miracles? The debate about the so-called charismatic gifts of the Spirit has divided the church for over a century now, and it is a major part of theological distinction today. Many claimed to be have hurt by the teaching that these gifts continue. Many claim to have been healed by them, both body and spirit.

Join these four speakers as they debate this important issue in an irenic and informative series. Two of the speakers (Michael and Tim) are not charismatic, while two are committed charismatics (Sam and J. J.). Michael describes himself as a “want-to-be-charismatic” and Tim is a more committed cessationist (believing the gifts have ceased). Misconceptions of both charismatics and cessationists will be corrected while a persuasive case will be made for both positions. You do not want to miss the fireworks and man-hugs you will find during these lessons.


C. Michael Patton: President of Credo House Ministries, founder of Credo Courses, author of Now that I’m a Christian, Increase  My Faith, and The Theology Program.

Sam Storms: Head Pastor at Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City and author of numerous works including Practicing the Power, The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts, and Pleasures Evermore.

Tim Kimberley: Pastor at Frontline Church in Oklahoma City and former executive director of Credo House Ministries.

These teaching lessons were originally recorded at Credo House Coffee Shop in Oklahoma City and used for the Theology Unplugged podcast.

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