The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection of Christ by 6 Scholars (USB)


Bock, Licona, Habermas and more. Some of the best biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians, and apologists of the Christian faith come together to defend the most important event in all of history.

6 Different Scholars

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Included Video Sessions:

  • Doug Groothuis – The Resurrection of Christ (Part 1 and 2)
  • C. Michael Patton – Defense of the Resurrection
  • Darrel Bock – The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Craig Blomberg – The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction
  • C. Michael Patton – Alternative Views of the Resurrection
  • Gary Habermas – Minimal Facts Method
  • Gary Habermas – The Hallucination Theory
  • Michael Licona and C. Michael Patton – The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus
  • Gary Habermas – Understanding the Skeptical Mind
  • Gary Habermas – Establishing a Connection Between the Resurrection and the Existence of God

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