Top Ten Myths About the Resurrection of Jesus

Watch as Dr. Michael Licona gives a short description of the ten most common myths when it comes to studying the resurrection of Jesus. The price is good. The effect of taking takes around 4 hours. The drug is definitely worth having on an important occasion. The problems with potency began. cialis Tadalafil is a good drug. I had less sex than usually. The wife became offended, we talked about it and it turned out, there was a problem. Let these serve as teasers for the complete video series The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.


Myth 10 – The Lost Gospels
Myth 9 – There is Not Enough Evidence
Myth 8 – Science Proves Resurrections Cannot Occur
Myth 7 – It Was Merely Legend
Myth 6 – Apparent Death Theory
Myth 5 – It’s a Matter of Faith
Myth 4 – Hallucinations
Myth 3 – The Fraud Theory
Myth 2 – Pagan Parallels in Mystery Religions
Myth 1 – Contradictions in the Gospels




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