History of the Bible


By C. Michael Patton, Th.M.

Four sessions:

  1. Text of the Bible
  2. Canon of the Bible
  3. Translations of the Bible
  4. Interpretation of the Bible

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Join us for a fun-filled, highly illustrated, immensely educational walk through the history of the Bible. C. Michael Patton will help you to understand and piece together the complicated discipline of textual criticism in one session! There you will learn that the Bible we have today does, indeed, accurately represent the original. Then you will engage in the important issue of the canon answering the questions: How were the books of the Bible chosen? Can we be confident we have the right books? Why do Catholics have a different canon than ours? Next, we will look at the multiple translations of the Bible we have today as well as understanding translation history. Questions such as Which translation is the best? and Why do some people believe the King James is the best translation. Finally, we will look at Bible interpretation. Is there a “right” way to interpret the Bible or is it a magic book that can be interpreted however we please? With an intense and brief look at the history of interpretation, we will not only gain an understanding of why people interpret the Bible differently, but how we can be confident that the Historical-Grammatical-Literary (Authorial Intent) method is the proper method.

Please note: this is a PowerPoint, offering people the chance to use for their studies or aid in their teaching.


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