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  • I want the best theological training there is
  • I want to do theology in a community of others who are pursuing truth, not prejudice
  • I want someone to navigate me through my education
  • I want a change to hang out with some of the best Christians scholars in the world
  • (Oh, and I want to win more theological debates!)
  • I want to start right now

C. Michael Patton has nearly 20 years experience teaching theology and guiding students to love God with all their mind. This membership puts you in direct contact with him. He puts you in direct contact with the best of Christian theology, both now and then.


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New Product Free Every Month
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Exclusive member only content
Exclusive Access to Credo Exams and Quizzes
License Granted to Use all Credo Course Material in Your Ministry
Supports Credo House and Credo Courses to Create New Courses

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  • New Product Free Every Month
  • 1/2 Off All Products
  • Exclusive member only content
  • Exclusive Access to Credo Exams and Quizzes
  • License Granted to Use all Credo Course Material in Your Ministry
  • Supports Credo House and Credo Courses to Create New Courses

  • Name
    Mike Licona - Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University - “If someone were to tell me they want to learn theology and Christian Apologetics but they do not have the time or the funds to engage in a masters degree education, I would recommend the Credo Courses at the Credo House. Members of these courses learn great content from some of the finest instructors. Highly recommended!”

Features Descriptions

New Product Every Month

Every month Credo Courses will release a new course. This course, along with all accompanying materials (workbook, PowerPoint, quiz, etc.) will be immediately available to download. This material will range from short courses taught by C. Michael Patton to full-length Credo Courses taught by the world's best scholars.

  • Name
    Sam Storms - Ph.D. Dallas University, Pastor Bridgeway Church, Author - The Credo Courses available to the body of Christ are absolutely remarkable. That is not an overstatement. Drawing on the contributions of some of the finest evangelical scholars today, Michael Patton has put together a powerful curriculum that will be of immense benefit to anyone seeking to understand the Scriptures and Christian theology in greater depth. I strongly encourage you to consider availing yourself of this rich and wide-ranging collection of courses. You won’t regret it!

1/2 Off All Physical Products

Get half-off any and all physical products. As many of you know, our physical products rarely go on sale. This can make it more difficult for those who want to use the material in their local setting. Now you can take people through each and every course, allowing them to have their own workbook in their hands.

This is perfect for pastors and teachers who want their students have a more fully engaged experience, being able to take notes and have a visual reminder of the course.

Exclusive Member Only Content

From PowerPoints to teach from to full courses by C. Michael Patton, Rob Bowman, and Michael Kruger, we commit to getting you something and substantial new every month. And you know what? We can't wait to do it. Here is some of what we ALREADY have in the cue:

  • Science and the Bible by Rob Bowman
  • The Book of Romans by C. Michael Patton
  • Heresies by C. Michael Patton
  • The 10 Commandments by C. Michael Patton
  • Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy by C. Michael Patton
  • How to Argue with an Atheist by C. Michael Patton
  • A Study of the Boneheads of Scripture by C. Michael Patton

License of Material

Take the next step and guide your students through a more formal training regime. Each course has or will have quizzes, assignment, discussion questions, and a syllabus. Not only will this save valuable time for teachers, but it causes the students to engage in a deeper learning environment by creating accountability and evaluation.

This is great for churches and ministries who seek to train their people formally.

*This does not apply to any situation where tuition is required such as a college or seminary. Please contact Credo Courses for information about an institutional license.

  • Q.Is Credo Course associated with a Protestant denomination or tradition?

    A.No. Credo Courses is broadly evangelical (theologically speaking). We fellowship with, love, learn from, and respect Christians and Christian scholars of all theological traditions. We simply ask one thing: that people are more committed to the truth than their prejudice and center on the person and work of Christ. Beyond that we are neither Calvinist or Arminian, creationists or theistic evolutionists, Baptists or Methodists, or Dispensationalists or Covenantalists. We love them all so long as they are balanced and don’t divide over the non-essential elements of Christianity.

  • Q.What are the essentials of the faith to which you refer?

    A.The person and work of Christ. These, we believe, are the issues of “first importance” of which Paul speaks (1 Cor 15:1-4).