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World-Class Scholars

Learn from the best scholars in the world. Dr. Douglas Groothuis (instructor for Christian Apologetics 101) is the author of multiple books and winner of two “Awards of Merit” from Christianity Today. Dr. Mark Hitchcock (instructor for The Book of Revelation) has authored over 25 books on eschatology and prophecy. Deepen your theology by learning from those who’ve gone before you.

Dr. Douglas Groothuis

Professor of Philosophy
Denver Seminary

Dr. Douglas Groothuis

Dr. Daniel

Professor of NT Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Daniel Wallace

Dr. Tremper

Professor of Biblical Studies
Westmont College

Dr. Tremper Longman

Dr. Darrell

Professor of NT Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Darrell Bock

Dr. Mark

Senior Pastor
Faith Bible Church

Dr. Mark Hitchcock

Dr. Craig

Professor of New Testament
Denver Seminary

Dr. Craig Blomberg

Dr. Gary

Chair of the Dept. of Philosophy
Liberty University

Dr. Gary Habermas

Dr. Craig

Chair of Biblical Studies
Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. Craig Keener

Focused Courses

Credo Courses are an excellent way for individuals, small-groups, and classrooms alike to deepen their understanding of critical issues (About Credo Courses). Want to go deeper in your study of theology and continue your doctrinal education? A focused class of 27-36 sessions (depending on the course), hundreds of slides, and hours of seminary-level content is the logical next step.

Digital Theology

With Credo Courses your theology training adapts to your busy schedule. Get a seminary-level education from the comfort of your own home.

Digital Audio: Stream and download your courses as high-quality audio MP3 files. For audio learners or those with commute time, this option is perfect.

Digital Video: All of our MP4 videos are superior in quality to DVDs, never get scratched, and can be downloaded and streamed online 24/7.

DVD: Get a selection of our courses on DVD for easy playback on all your favorite TVs.