Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archeology

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PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the audio for the first two sessions is not too good. We are sorry about this and hope to record again soon. 

4 Sessions • 4 Hours • Stunning Visuals • Illustrative PowerPoint • Extensive Workbook

Join Tim Kimberley (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary) as he takes you through the pages of the Bible by unearthing the stones of the greatest archeological finds in history. You will walk with him through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, see ancient Ossuaries, and hear the incredible story of the Assyrian Lachish Reliefs. What a way to excite your faith and see just how real the biblical stories really are! I have an extremely poor tolerance for drugs. Fortunately, I was taking Ambien easily. I was really powerful. I visibly improved appearance. Probably, the good quality of sleep has definitely improved after a course of treatment. So, now I feel great. I didn’t consult a doctor. I think, you should consult him, if you are in doubt.



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2 reviews for Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archeology

  1. Fred W. Anson

    The content of this series is excellent. However, the reader should be advised that the audio quality of the second lecture in this series is absolutely terrible! For some reason it’s full of reverb with about a 1 second delay and it makes it very, very, very difficult to understand what it being said. I was literally getting a headache listening to this lecture and was counting the seconds until it was over.

    Credo House would be well advised to have an expert run the audio file through a filter that reduces the reverb to improve the audio quality of this lecture.

    Thank you.

  2. Fred W. Anson

    This was my first disappointment in a Credo Course.

    The content is great. However, the audio quality of lecture #2 is terrible! It has heavy reverb on it that makes it almost unlistenable. Lecture #4 ends abruptly when Michael Patton comes up to the podium to tell the audience a secret that they can’t put on the recording.

    Again, the content is superb. However, the production falls below Credo House’s usual high standards.

    In my opinion, they should seriously consider re-doing this lecture series and this time make sure that the production quality is up to the same level as Mr. Kimberley’s fine lecture content.

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