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A Scholarly Defense of the New Testament Manuscript Tradition

Christianity is based on the Bible. Today, the Bible is under attack on all fronts. However, these attacks are usually surface-level treatments of the topic put forth by those who don’t really understand the topic.

Dr. Daniel Wallace is arguably the foremost scholar today on the topic of New Testament Textual Criticism

For those who are tired of today’s church being so anti-intellectual and adrift at sea with no anchor, we ask you to get involved in reclaiming your mind for Christ. This study aims at turning the tides toward a new age of humble theological depth.

In this in-depth study, Dr. Wallace will devote more than 30 sessions, taking you through the rock-solid reliability of the New Testament. The New Testament is heavily attacked in our culture today. We don’t have a complete and staunchly reliable message about Jesus without the New Testament. This topic is crucial for every Christian.

1. Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism
2. How to Count Textual Variants
3. The Number of Variants
4. Weighing the Discrepancies
5. Recent Attempts to Change the Goals of NT Textual Criticism
6. Materials and Methods in Making Ancient Books
7. The Materials Used for Making a Codex Manuscript
8. A Brief History of the Transmission of the Text
9. The Role of the Canon in Shaping the NT Text
10. The Emergence of Local Text Forms
11. Illustrations of Scribal Corruptions (Part 1)
12. Illustrations of Scribal Corruptions (Part 2)
13. Some Famous Manuscripts: Papyri (Part 1)
14. Some Famous Manuscripts: Papyri (Part 2)
15. Some Famous Manuscripts: Majuscules (Part 1)
16. Some Famous Manuscripts: Majuscules (Part 2)
17. Resources for NT Manuscripts
18. Resources for NT Manuscripts: CSNTM
19. The Greek Text Behind the KJV
20. Textus Receptus/Doctrine of Preservation (Part 1)
21. Textus Receptus/Doctrine of Preservation (Part 2)
22. Tischendorf and the Discovery of Sinaiticus (Part 1)
23. Tischendorf and the Discovery of Sinaiticus (Part 2)
24. History of NT Textual Criticism Since the TR
25. Who Were Westcott & Hort?
26. Reasoned Eclecticism (Part 1)
27. Reasoned Eclecticism (Part 2)
28. Reasoned Eclecticism (Part 3)
29. Some Famous Textual Problems (Part 1)
30. Some Famous Textual Problems (Part 2)
31. Some Famous Textual Problems (Part 3)
32. Some Famous Textual Problems: Matthew 24:36
33. Some Famous Textual Problems: John 7:53-8:11 (not available)
34. Some Famous Textual Problems: Mark 16:9-20
35. Which Translation is Best?
36. Is What We Have Now What They Wrote?


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  1. Ctnorbie (verified owner)

    If you want to learn about how the Bible is translated, and be able to defend the veracity of the text there’s no one better than Daniel Wallace. This course will guide you through a lot of misconceptions that people have about the New Testament documents and bring much clarity in a world of confusion.

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