Six Events that Shaped Christianity


A lesson through six of the most important events that shaped Christianity.

  • 254 slides
  • Six lessons
  • Highly illustrated
  • Discussion questions at the end of each lesson

Sample (Lesson 1)


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Take a journey through the pages of Church History through this study of six pivotal events that shaped Christianity.

Six Events:

  1. Edict of Milan (313)
  2. Council of Nicaea (325)
  3. Council of Chalcedon (451)
  4. The Great Schism (1054)
  5. The Great Reformation (1517)
  6. Scopes Monkey Trial (1924)

Not only are these specific events taught and highly illustrated, all the events that led to them are as well. This will aid in your understanding and teaching of all of church history as it presents a lens through which Christianity can be understood.


Powerpoint Sample – sixevents-session-1


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