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  • Apologist Slide Package

    Over 1000 presentation slides. Included:

    1. The Resurrection of Jesus by Gary Habermas
    2. Textual Criticism by Daniel Wallace
    3. Apologetics by Doug Groothuis
    4. Apologetics by C. Michael Patton

    Priced individually: $139.99

  • Disciples Slide Package


    Get 100s of presentation slides in this package. All of the teacher’s PowerPoint slides for: -Church History -The Crusades -Apologetics Bootcamp -The Discipleship Program -How to Study the Bible All created by C. Michael Patton Sold separately: $169.95

  • Theologians Slide Package


    1000s of presentation slides. Included: -Introduction to Theology -Bibliology and Hermeneutics -Trinitarianism -Humanity and Sin -Soteriology -Ecclesiology and Eschatology All include extensive teachers notes with further explanations and ideas for activities. Sold separately: $600

Showing 25–27 of 27 results