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Why Should We Trust the Bible? (Video)

Why Should We Trust the Bible?

The Bible

The Bible is the most well attested ancient document of any religion. That’s not just hype. Both Christian and non-Christian scholars agree that [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]the Bible has more manuscript support than any other book of antiquity[/inlinetweet]. However, just because a book was copied a lot in the past doesn’t mean we can trust it. Does it?

Why Should We Trust the Bible?

In September of 2014, Dr. Douglas Groothuis visited Credo House in Edmond OK. Over the course of three days he recorded 30 lectures for his course Christian Apologetics 101.

When we finished filming the course itself, we sat down with Dr. Groothuis to ask him some of the most common questions apologist are asked and are asking.

Video Transcript

Well, the basic point is that the Bible is historically reliable. It’s not full of myths and legends. It gives a unified worldview. It provides meaning for every area of life. And we don’t have to take some blind leap of faith to believe that.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The Bible is well substantiated by the evidence of history and also by the evidence of science and philosophy[/inlinetweet] because there is good independent reason to believe there is a creator/designer, God. The Bible affirms that. And in fact, given the human condition (the fact that we have guilt) the Bible explains that as the result of sin, and Christ provides the answer to that problem. It’s very clearly and systematically laid out in Scripture.

So in the course, I develop a much richer more detailed argument for why we should trust the Bible; but it stands alone with respect to all the other holy books in the world’s religion as very well confirmed/verified, deeply enmeshed in history, and therefore buycheapvaliumonline something real that we can relate to and understand.


What do you think about what Dr. Groothuis said? Does what he said make sense, or is it flawed? Because the Bible is so central to the Christian religion, it’s veracity is of upmost importance.

Voice your opinion in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Why Should We Trust the Bible? (Video)

  1. Higher Criticism is the greatest threat today to Christianity. It will decimate the Christian Faith. Here is an example of the disastrous consequences of introducing Higher Critical Thinking into Christian churches:

  2. I agree that the historicity of the Bible is critical in deciding if it is trustworthy. However, I believe a better witness of the validity and reliability of the Bible is the testimony of Christ. Throughout the Gospels he affirmed that it is trustworthy. And it is important to note that his testimony does not need any witnesses for it to stand. He is Amen and Amen.

  3. The Bible was written between 1,500BC and AD 100. It contains 66 books, Jesus appears in Matthew,Mark,Luke,John,Acts.The Doctrine of the Trinity is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of Jesus christs ministry. It was never invented, it was discovered.Salvation is attained by Grace through Faith!The Bible is the inspired word of God.There is only one way to God, through Jesus Christ. The reason we were created by God was to save us,love us,and have us love God himself. There are many false Gods but there is only one true God one God in three persons. Jesus was God in flesh he was both God and man. The Question here is , why should we trust the bible? As a believer i look to the ressurection of Jesus Christ. Jesus rose from the dead in the same body he died in. He was without sin we have sin because of Adam and Eve. Sin is breaking Gods law so our human nature is basically sinful. Thats why we need Jesus, because Hell is a place of eternal damnation in fire and torment. Our salvation is deliverance from the eternal consequence of sin damnation. Jesus full ministry was all about salvation i love Romans its all about that but it will never be fully finished untill we are in Heaven, a place of eternal joy and peace with God.Thats what soteriology means the doctrine of salvation.What is the Tetragramaton? This is the divine name god choose to be made known by : the name of God ‘ YHWH taken from Exodus 3.14 whare god says his name is ” i am” it also means in hebrew when translated as jehovah God is love perhaps the greatest mystery of all is jesus unconditional love through god the father. we often supply vowels, making it YAHWEH. God set himself apart from all other false gods and made himself Holy because hes the Alpha and Omega the beginning and end of all things and our faith in him needs to be of a similar substance.

  4. The devil is an angel who rebelled against God. He wants Gods power for himself. We as fellow believers are not only awaiting the Second Coming but also the Rapture. This means, the catching up of Gods people into the sky at jesus return. In all of the Scientific explanatory theories about Evolution it just is not visable for a christian the scientists try to put their theories over like one cut above. However its not an option for we as christians.Many people believe the earth was created in 6 days and on the 7 th god rested. This did not mean 24 hour day we as humans experience!”Day” when translated from hebrew at the time the prophets were writing the bible , “Day” in the Genesis account of the Creation story meant ( a period of time) it could have been millions or less in years for each of the 6 Days ie a period of time. Do you have a belief in resistable grace are you in bondage there is no sacrifice needed here only Faith. In Christ Jesus you will find the justification you need.Then you will be sanctified and set apart and made holy. As you learn to trust the Bible, and let it change your life. The scriptures is a place you will meet God he will grant unto you Peace and joy with god and if you accept him into your heart and life youll have life in eternity. As you will be Saved and born again.

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