Church History

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  • Seven Events that Shaped Christianity .

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    Journey with C. Michael Patton through all Church history by learning about seven events that were major and decisive turning points, shaping us into who we are today. This is a fun and creative way to learn about the history of Church.

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    253 Slides

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  • Heresies

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    This four-session course addresses the following topics surrounding Heresies both old and new that the church has contended with over the centuries:

    Session 1 – The Prosperity Gospel
    Session 2 – The Atonement
    Session 3 – Gnosticism
    Session 4 – Pelagianism

    C. Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley

  • The Crusades Boot Camp

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    Author: C. Michael Patton

    Teachers: Tim Kimberley and C. Michael Patton

    A detailed look into each of the seven Christian Crusades, overcoming the misconceptions that permeates our culture concerning the Crusades.

  • Church History Boot Camp

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    Author: C. Michael Patton, (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary)

    Teachers: C. Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary)

    An overview of Church history in four parts. This course gives people a much-needed introduction to the entire history of the Christian church, looking at the major events and turning points that have brought us to where we are today.

Showing 25–28 of 28 results