Mini-Credo Course: The Historical Jesus (Robert Bowman – Audio)


A course surveying from an evangelical Christian perspective the issues and major views in contemporary scholarship as well as popular culture in the field of historical Jesus studies.

Historical Jesus Syllabus (Click on the link for the free download of the PDF!)

Historical Jesus Notes (Click on the link for the free download of the PDF!)



Robert Bowman Jr. (M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D South African Theological Seminary) is the executive director of the Institute for Religious Research. He is married to wife Cathy with four children.

He is the author of a dozen books including Faith Has Its Reasons: Integrative Approaches to Defending Christian Faith and Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ (2007, with J. Ed Komoszewski).

This course was originally recorded as an elective for students of Credo House Ministries advancing beyond “The Theology Program.” It is now a “mini” Credo Course.

Sessions (1 hour each):

  1. Methods, Theories, and the Make-Your-Own-Jesus Game
  2. The World in Which Jesus Lived
  3. The Sources All the Scholars Use
  4. Why the Fourth Gospel Is Getting Renewed Respect
  5. What Pagans, Jews, and Gnostics Thought about Jesus
  6. Skeptics, Mystics, and the Core Historical Facts about Jesus
  7. Reexamining the Teachings of Jesus
  8. Jesus’ Messianic and Divine Claims
  9. History, Theology, and the CrossThe Resurrection and the Historical Jesus

This course is only available in audio format.

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