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    Scholars Slide Package

    $900.00 $99.00

    Every slide package on the Credo Course site! 1000s of presentation slides.

    Sold separately, over $1000

    See below for list of presentations.

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  • Apologist Slide Package


    Over 1000 presentation slides.


    1. The Resurrection of Jesus by Gary Habermas
    2. Textual Criticism by Daniel Wallace
    3. Apologetics by Doug Groothuis
    4. Apologetics by C. Michael Patton

    Priced individually: $139.99

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  • Disciples Slide Package


    Get 100s of presentation slides in this package.

    All of the teacher’s PowerPoint slides for:

    -Church History

    -The Crusades

    -Apologetics Bootcamp

    -The Discipleship Program

    -How to Study the Bible

    All created by C. Michael Patton

    Sold separately: $169.95

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    Theologians Slide Package

    $600.00 $300.00

    1000s of presentation slides.


    -Introduction to Theology

    -Bibliology and Hermeneutics


    -Humanity and Sin


    -Ecclesiology and Eschatology

    All include extensive teachers notes with further explanations and ideas for activities.

    Sold separately: $600

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